Above and Beyond Childcare Flooring Project | The Flooring Room

This amazing Childcare Centre is one of a kind. Above and Beyond do not do anything in halves including the creativity that goes into their centre designs. Having just finished a castle/fairy-tale themed fitout for them we were very excited to be part of their next design as no centre is quite like the next. With a design brief of ‘NZ bach’ we had a lot of fun in the design phase of the project, combining products that have never been seen together before. Needing to incorporate themes such as sandy beaches, the backyard and even a sheep shearer’s shed floor we were overflowing with possibilities. This project not only showcases a huge variety of products we can tap into but also highlights the technical installation we have available. If you have a project where you’re struggling for inspiration or you have an idea you would like to see come to life we would love to join you on your journey.

Products Included: Scenic Rise carpet from Godfrey Hirst. Carpet Tiles from Jacobsen and Inzide: Primitive (Lichen, Glacier), Resurface (Calcite, Cinder), Foundation (Calcite), Net Effect (Pacific), Colour Me (Lime). Vinyl from Belgotex and Forbo, and Vinyl Tiles from Robert Malcolm