CASE STUDY: Above & Beyond Education & Care Centre
Jun 08

CASE STUDY: Above & Beyond Education & Care Centre

This recent project was very different to anything The Flooring Room has done. Think turrets, leaf chandeliers, golden fire places, soft pastel colours… and a whole lot of hard work.


Above and Beyond Education & Care Centre, Tauriko, proved to be as inspiring as it was challenging. With a tight turn around and very busy site to contend with, Brenden and the team worked to ensure the flooring brought the project to life. With a variety of products to be used by children under 5, it was important to ensure the installers were skilled and equipped to complete the work required and that it was finished to a high standard. Before construction started, Brenden did various meetings with the Interior Designer over Skpye as she was based in Chile. The goal was to create a warm, bright environment in the style of a fairy tale castle. A place where children would be excited to go and feel encouraged to grow.

A beautiful silvery, grey commercial-grade heterogenous vinyl was chosen for the flooring to emulate the stone grounds of a real-life castle. This product also includes a subtle gold pattern to pick up on the royal notes throughout the building. Being a slightly softer material, this was also a great option for an area where young children may take a tumble or two. For the babies room, a luxurious pile carpet was selected for its softness in both colour and texture. The carpet installed in the reception area is a custom printed nylon carpet. This was selected specifically to emphasise the castle theme and really set the tone of the place as soon as you enter the building, matching the gold fire place. Commercial grade, safety vinyl was installed in the shower room also.


Upstairs was designated to the head office and reflected a more professional, office style. Quality carpet tiles and vinyl was used throughout as these products look great and withstand the use of office chairs well. To complete the look, the flooring was complemented with classic black high chairs and futuristic, red ‘work pods’.

Check out the final results below.
Now that’s all left to do is let the children enter and be transported to a far away land!

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