Choosing Flooring for Your Commercial Build Project
Nov 05
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Choosing Flooring for Your Commercial Build

Starting a commercial build can feel like a mammoth task and choosing flooring for a large-scale project is a specialised task. You can’t treat your commercial floor needs with a residential mindset, there are some very specific things that will have to be factored in, and it pays to bring an expert on board right from the concept stage. The last thing you want is nasty surprises around the cost or suitability of products further down the line – when it may be to late to change tack.

Decisions, Decisions

Many of the decisions around carpet and flooring for your commercial project hinge on the type of use the floor will be subjected to. You need to think about who your customers are, for example, what are they wearing on their feet? Visiting a flooring store for a chat with a professional is best practice straight out the gate.

What’s My Best Bet?

At The Flooring Room in Tauranga we understand your specialist flooring needs when it comes to your office, retail or service depot premises. Each industry has health and safety requirements that need to be addressed when choosing the carpet, vinyl or hard flooring that will work for your specific needs.

A Luxurious Feeling

For instance, if you are updating a hair salon or spa space, your first priority may be the aesthetics. You want your clients to feel like they are being enveloped in warmth and that they are having a luxury experience. However, while the client may experience their visit one way, the reality behind the scenes in these spaces is a high turnaround on chemicals, huge amounts of water being used and in the case of hair salons – hair.

Is it or Isn’t It

Your salon or spa space needs to account for these realities when choosing commercial flooring, many clients choose to utilise laminate flooring, this is extremely hard wearing, repels moisture, and can be printed to replicate various wood grains. This option can fool even the trained eye into thinking you have laid expensive hardwood floors, you can select from a number of tones and tie in the rest of your decor to create a gorgeous ambience.

Easy Care

The laminate we supply at our flooring store is hard wearing and scratch resistant, it’s going to make sweeping up easy, and it will withstand years of drips and drops from basins. Massage oils, hair chemicals and other industry products will be easy to wipe off and you won’t be compromising on style.

Get in touch with The Flooring Room in Tauranga to have a chat about your commercial project, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice.