Choosing the Best Flooring Solutions for a Tiny Home
Mar 21
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Choosing the Best Flooring Solutions for a Tiny Home

The Flooring Room supplies carpet and flooring for projects of many different sizes. One of the movements we see recently at our flooring store is the swing towards tiny homes and portable homes. New Zealanders are flexing with the housing trends we see worldwide, where those who want their own home without an enormous mortgage are deciding to downsize their lives for a while to save. Many are taking up this lifestyle as a permanent change.

Looks Good, Wears Well

Whether you are looking for carpet or hard flooring the teams at The Flooring Room in Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North can give you the right advice. When it comes to flooring for a tiny home there are a couple of points you may want to consider before deciding on the best option. The first point is whether your tiny home is going to be moving, this will be a deciding factor in the type of flooring that is going to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish that is also durable.

On The Move

Lots of tiny home owners are opting to build or buy on a dedicated trailer. This offers flexibility and allows the home to be shifted if the land where it is parked is being leased and it’s time to move on – or it just allows a change of scenery for the pure pleasure of it. If your tiny home is heading out on the road the flooring is going to need to be chosen around the shifting that will occur as your home moves, we can help you with this at The Flooring Room. There is a level of resilience required that you will not get from a tile floor – or from other rigid materials. What you want is something that will flex with bumps in the road and will not sustain damage with continued engine vibration.

Slippery When Wet

Another point to consider when you pop into our flooring stores in Nelson, Palmerston North and Tauranga to choose flooring for your tiny home is water resistance. You want to be able to deal with any moisture that ends up in your home easily without sustaining damage to your floor. You may want to head towards a low carbon option and use recycled hardwood, and there is no doubt this looks good, however this is not a good option for your flooring in this case. The tiny home floor needs to be light, it needs to be water-resistant, and it also needs to be easy to clean. We recommend you stick with hardwood on surfaces above the floor.

At The Flooring Room, we would recommend you choose one of our fantastic vinyl flooring options for your tiny home. We have a great range of Vinyl flooring, it’s cost effective, hard wearing, and water resistant. This option will flex when you move, and we have some great shades to choose from. Visit us today and take a look at our comprehensive range of Vinyl at The Flooring Room. Let’s get you moving in the right direction.