Thinking About Fitting Out a Home Office Space?
Jul 20
flooring for home office

Considering Fitting Out a Home Office Space?

The way we work has irrevocably shifted over the last few years. Some of these changes have been good, and there are also plenty of new challenges thrown up by moving to work more from home for large numbers of people who used to travel to an office daily. At The Flooring Room in Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North we have some great solutions for customers embracing creating a suitable workspace on their property. We think it’s essential to reduce the stressors that may be present when we take a long-term approach to working from home.

Quiet Please!

One of the hardest things to find when you spend your day working out of a residential space may be quiet! The suburbs can actually be a really noisy place; there is often construction and gardening and lawn maintenance going on, and if you have kids – well, that’s next level. Suppose you are struggling with working from a kitchen table or a desk in the corner of your bedroom. Frustration levels can quickly rise if you are constantly being interrupted while you are trying to figure out something tricky. It makes sense to have a dedicated office if it’s at all possible, and this is where The Flooring Room has some great ideas involving carpet, vinyl flooring and acoustic wall coverings.

A Room of Your Own

A fantastic solution and an intelligent approach to the changing employment landscape may be right outside your front door. Many people have a garage that acts as an overflow for the house. A perfectly good water-tight space that may be stacked to the roof with items of value that you will never use again. Moving forward, you could have a garage sale, donate household items to a local charity, clear that space – then give The Flooring Room a call to pop round and measure up your space and talk you through some garage flooring options that could revolutionise your work day.

Feel The Serenity

Imagine this, you get up in the morning, grab your breakfast, and then head across the lawn to work. It’s serene, your acoustic wall coverings block out the leaf blower next door, and you can’t hear the kids screeching at the X Box in the house. Your desk is perched on your gorgeous new laminate flooring from The Flooring Room that, at first glance, looks like expensive hardwood. You can settle into work without disruptions, and you even have a little section in the corner where we laid some garage carpet, and you popped down a bean bag for your breaks – bliss!

For flooring solutions that reduce stress get in touch with The Flooring Room in Palmerston North, Nelson and Tauranga. Let’s make working from home less like hard work.