What to expect when you’re expecting new flooring | The Flooring Room
Oct 04

What to expect when you’re expecting new flooring


How much notice do you need?

Depending on the time of year we ideally like to have about 3 weeks notice to secure your preferred installation date.  This is assuming we have the product available however some products come from overseas so the earlier you can book us in the better.  November and December are our busiest months where installation can be fully booked many weeks in advance.

How long will my job take to install? 

While every job is different most medium sized homes can be completed in 1-2 days depending on the level of floor preparation required.  When we come out and assess your project during our free no obligation proposal we’ll give you an indication of timeframe. you can book an in-home consultation here.

What do I need to do before Installation?

We are happy to have the large items of furniture and other items moved to make it easy for you as an added option – If you are interested please talk to us about this. If you do wish us to do this you still need to move smaller items, strip beds etc and disconnect/reconnect electrical equipment such as computers/stereos/TVs.

If you’re keen to do it yourself then installers need to have clear space to work, electricity on, and as we take Health and Safety at The Flooring Room seriously we ask that little people and pets are kept clear of the workers.

If flooring is being installed under electrical appliances we need these disconnected and moved – again the make the area clear for our installers.

Please ensure we have power and water on at the site.

What to expect during Installation?

One of our Flooring Consultants or our Operations Manager will be in touch prior to installation to discuss timing and the job itself and answer any questions you may have.

After Installation our team will remove all excess product and waste and inspect the job.