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Jun 29
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How to Choose the Best Hard Flooring for Your Home

While not too long ago, people were covering wooden floors with carpet, today hard floors have become very popular. And for good reason, hard floors are beautiful, add character to homes, are durable and easy to clean. But with so many options on the market, it can be a challenge to decide which hard floors will best suit your home and personal style.

That’s why the flooring specialists at The Flooring Room – with stores in Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North – have created this guide to help you find your perfect hard flooring.

Hardwood Floors

Undoubtedly, our favourite aspect of hardwood floors is their unmatched ability to bring character into a home. Their richness and depth match a variety of personal styles from the lovers of antiques to modernists. They are versatile, durable and simply stunning. The Flooring Room has a variety of colour and style options from foreign woods like French or American oak to native ones like tawa or rimu. Hardwood flooring is admittedly expensive, but as it can add value to your house, you can look at the cost as a long-term investment.

Best For: traditionalists; busy families; frequent entertainers.

Engineered Timber Floors

Engineered timber is an innovative, man-made wood flooring option that many see as the future of flooring. After becoming incredibly popular in Europe, engineered timber flooring is starting to take hold in New Zealand as well with many of our Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North clients requesting it. It is more stable than hardwood, which means that it won’t shrink or warp the way hardwood can and stands up to moisture in wet rooms like the kitchen or laundry.

Best For: innovators; people after long-lasting floors; wet rooms.

Laminate Flooring

Another European import, laminate flooring is essentially an image of timber printed onto the flooring. It is very realistic, mistaken by more than a few flooring-snobs for hardwood floors. But these days, laminate is more than just disguised hardwood – coming in a variety of styles and patterns, laminate has become popular and sought after in its own right.

Best For: minimalists; those after a bespoke interior style; busy people with little time to spend maintaining floors.

Have we helped you wade through the world of hard flooring? Whether you know what you want or need more advice, come into The Flooring Room Tauranga or The Flooring Room Palmerston North showrooms and have a chat with our friendly team of flooring enthusiasts.