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Jun 09
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Selecting Flooring for a House you Plan to Sell

The flooring you settle on in your forever home may differ from a starter home, an investment, or a doer-upper. Instead of luxury hardwood, you might be considering more durable, versatile and cost-effective flooring options. Here’s what to consider when selecting flooring for a house you plan to sell – and a couple tips from the team at The Flooring Room.

Always choose attractive flooring

The flooring in any home makes up a large part of the house’s first impression, so you want them to look good. You may not need to renovate the floors, but if the carpets look tatty, the vinyl looks old fashioned or the wood is scratched to bits, replacing the flooring is well worth it for the increased value and sell-ability. Whatever material you end up selecting, from engineered timber flooring to laminate, carpet to vinyl, choose flooring that is modern and attractive.

Versatility matters

While you may be partial to patterned tiles or plush carpet, they’re not for everyone and designing a bespoke home will limit your pool of potential buyers. Instead of creating a niche aesthetic, choose universally loved flooring options and opt for neutral colours that let new owners put their own touch on the place. Leave the unique flooring to your next home and make sure the house you’re renovating to sell has flooring that suits the masses.

Room by room flooring

You don’t have to replace the whole house’s floors if some are still in good condition. Examine the house closely and determine which rooms are in desperate need of a facelift. The hardwood flooring in the kitchen might look great, while the carpet in the bedrooms is worn and faded. Perhaps the tiles in the bathroom need replacing, yet the kitchen still looks tip top. Flooring isn’t all or nothing: capitalise by replacing the areas in need.

Cost-effective options

Save the more expensive, luxury flooring options like American Oak for your dream home and make budget-conscious decisions for this stepping-stone house. You can achieve attractive floors that will make buyers happy without spending an arm and a leg.

Suggestions from The Flooring Room

Laminate and vinyl – the choice of home renovators

Laminate is a much-loved flooring option for those in the business of renovating a house to sell. It offers an impressive wooden floor aesthetic without the same price tag as hardwood floors. Laminate flooring is also scratch and fade-resistant and comes in a wide variety of styles.

Vinyl is another house-flipping favourite, available as vinyl rolls, tiles or planks. Luxury vinyl tiles are particularly popular as they are hard-wearing and look like hardwood yet are far more affordable.

Consider carpet carefully

Carpet is divisive, especially in lounges, hallways and dining rooms. While some modern homes do have carpeting in these areas, it’s probably safer to leave carpet for the bedrooms, as not everyone is a fan of carpet in the living spaces.

If you’d like more advice on how to update the flooring in a house you plan to sell, pop into The Flooring Rooms showrooms in Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson.