Six Flooring and Décor Tips to Add Texture to Your Home
May 10

Six Flooring and Décor Tips to Add Texture to Your Home

Texture is an important interior design concept, but one that’s not always easy to master. There are lots of opportunities for texture in a room, from windows to walls, flooring to furniture, and even smaller items like curtain rods, lighting fixtures and pillows. When layered together well, texture can make a room magazine-worthy; when it’s done poorly it can just cause chaos.

Here are six flooring and décor tips from The Flooring Room to help you make the most of texture in your home.

What is texture?

Texture is the way something feels, and the tactile experience is everything when it comes to a well lived-in room. There’s rough and smooth; soft and hard; furry and sleek. Balancing different textures in a room makes it more dynamic, interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Variety is the spice of life

While a fluffy carpet can be great, pair it with a fluffy couch and fluffy pillows and you’ll turn the lounge room into a marshmallow. The same goes for wood: wooden flooring, lockwood walls and a wooden coffee table will look like a mountainside bach. Too much of any one texture is over-kill, so make sure you use a variety of textures in your home.

Don’t over-do it

Yes, we just said variety is key, but don’t over-do it! Choose a few dominant textures that you want to stand out in any given room and keep the rest fairly basic so you don’t overwhelm the space. A great example is hardwood flooring balanced out by a woven rug and a couple soft pillows. Keep everything else simple and these items will stand out.

Add texture in unusual places

Once you lay the groundwork with your furniture and flooring, you can turn your attention to more unusual places to add a touch of texture. A fur rug, a textured piece of artwork on the wall, a bespoke lamp shade. There are plenty of places to insert some personality and texture without overpowering the room’s central features.

Small details have a big impact

Chunky metal curtain rods and thick rope ties; ceramic door handles and brass figurines. Playing with materials used for these little details and embellishments can prevent a traditional room from becoming boring.

Bring the outdoors in

Is there anything more textural than the great outdoors? With soft flower petals, lush leaves and coarse grass, nature is a wonderful inspiration for texture. Consider bringing some greenery inside with large potted plants on the floor, a vase-full of flowers on the dining table or a hanging String of Pearls plant.

Layering textures in your home starts with quality flooring. Pop into one of our showrooms in Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson and let’s talk texture.