Six Reasons to Use Vinyl Planks for your Next Flooring Project
May 28

Six Reasons to Use Vinyl Planks for your Next Flooring Project

Vinyl burst onto the flooring scene in the 1930s, becoming a flooring favourite in the 1950s.

These early models were popular for their durability and cost-effectiveness, but their retro patterns and bold colours soon dated.

Jump ahead to today and vinyl flooring options are back and better than ever, still offering their original benefits but this time with timeless looks for both the home and office. At The Flooring Room in Tauranga and Palmerston North, we have seen vinyl planks and tiles – known in the ‘biz as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) – explode in popularity. Here’s a few reasons why:

Get That Hardwood Look without the Fuss

Today’s vinyl planks are so well-made that they are incredibly hard to tell apart from hardwood floors – if that’s the look you’re going for. They don’t only have the appearance of wood, the texture and graininess of the vinyl tiles makes it feel like wooden floor boards too. If you’re after a wooden floor look for less money and easier care, vinyl is an excellent choice.

LVT Suits a Range of Styles

Whereas wood or carpet can be limiting when it comes to matching your personal home style, vinyl comes in a near endless range of colours and patterns, opening up a whole host of interior design options. From sleek grey vinyl planks for a modern kitchen to a marbled effect for a traditional office, we can lay vinyl tiles to match pretty much any look you can think of.

Vinyl Planks are Durable

Vinyl is a very hard-wearing material, making it perfect for areas of the home or office that get a lot of use. Because it can stand up to moisture, it’s a great flooring option in washrooms, laundries and kitchens and it also works well in rooms with heavy foot traffic, be it a busy office reception area or in a bustling house full of feet.

Vinyl is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike dreaded wine spills on carpet, spilling on vinyl planks is a stress-free experience – all you have to do is wipe them clean or mop them up. Similarly, scratch-resistant vinyl tiles mean you can stop worrying about high heels and pet claws scratching your beautiful floors. Vinyl tiles are equally effortless to maintain and if a vinyl plank does chip, you can easily replace that individual plank rather than having to redo the entire floor.

A Great Commercial Flooring Option

Landlords, shop owners and office administrators love vinyl planks and tiles for their attractive and professional look, durability and low running cost. Essentially, vinyl floors give landlords the best look for the least amount of money and effort, making vinyl planks and tiles one of the best options for commercial flooring.

Affordable Flooring

Vinyl’s cost-effectiveness has always been its biggest asset. The difference today from in the 50s or 60s is that price isn’t the only selling point – these days, you get all the benefits above for an affordable price.

Interested in vinyl planks and tiles for your home or commercial space? Talk to the flooring specialists at The Flooring Room Tauranga or The Flooring Room Palmerston North today and we’ll get the ball rolling.