Targeted Flooring Solutions for Trade Premises | The Flooring Room
Jun 19

Targeted Flooring Solutions for Trade Premises

Trade Flooring is a very particular area of the flooring landscape. Working out of a warehouse that will deal with heavy foot traffic and service vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks calls for the most heavy-duty flooring solutions. While you may have all sorts of moving activity in your warehouse or trade storage facility, you will likely have clients coming through as well; your flooring needs to be durable – but it still needs to look good.

Durability and Polish

While most warehouse spaces that deal with vehicle ingress will likely head towards a polished or cured concrete, there will be other areas that need to incorporate hard-wearing commercial flooring solutions. At The Flooring Room in Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North, we don’t just deal with carpet or flooring for your home or retail space; our flooring store also works with heavy trade and commercial businesses to provide great flooring that will go the distance under trying circumstances.

Manufacturing Processes

Trade Premises deal with a particular set of challenges; aside from the heavy traffic, you may need to address the amount of noise that is created by your manufacturing processes. It’s possible there could be chemicals that are hazardous, and your business may be dealing with sluicing processes that create wet surfaces that can be dangerous for your staff or customers. At The Flooring Room, we begin your commercial or trade job with a 2D floor plan rendering, so we can see where different flooring solutions are needed.

Tailor-Made Planning

If you are producing a lot of noise on your site, The Flooring Room can supply and fit some great Acoustic Wall Coverings that will dampen the amount of sound escaping; these can be custom fitted. A lot of the approach with Trade Flooring will be to address each area as a separate issue. For instance, a mechanics premises may need a hard-wearing carpet tile in the office, some Marmoleum Sheet Flooring in the lunch room that can take a greasy boot – and you may want to have specific areas on the garage floor that incorporate Safety Flooring that will reduce the impact of any toxic chemicals at play.

Whatever you are producing, fixing or supplying at your Commercial or Trade Premises, The Flooring Room Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North is on board to ensure your customers and your team stay safe, with flooring options that enhance and protect your work environment.

Get in touch today to chat about a plan for your flooring; we have you covered.