Tauranga Library Carpet Supply and Installation Project

Tauranga Library Carpet Project

In the heart of Tauranga City resides the Tauranga Library. We were invited to undertake a huge renovation, increasing the libraries footprint to include an old food court and fashion alley. With such a conversion came extensive floor preparation over a myriad of different existing substrates. Before we even started installing floor coverings we were required to bring the substrate up to the required standard. A challenge we were more than ready to accept. This huge, architecturally designed floor layout has a dazzling ‘river inspired’ design flowing through the building. Combining eight colours the stunning new floor is both vibrant and considered, rolling out a pathway which leads you throughout the library. With tight time frames and products coming in from overseas we had to have this well planned out to meet deadlines. From small offices to giant factories, we are well equipped to handle any size project.

Carpet Tiles: Walk the plank (Beech, Sycamore, Ironwood, Spruce, Hawthorn, Balsam, Juniper, Sycamore) by Inzide Commercial. Marmoelum (Grey Mist) by Inzide Commercial