The Carpet Comeback: Why More Households are Returning to Carpet
Mar 11
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The Carpet Comeback: Why More Households are Returning to Carpet Flooring

While hard flooring will always be popular, the team at The Flooring Room has noticed a big upswing in carpet lately. And we’re stoked about this new trend! From its warm, cosy feel to its many practicalities, there are so many benefits to including soft flooring in your home. Here are six reasons more Kiwi households are turning their attention back to carpet.

Stylish options

Shag carpet and retro checkers are a thing of the past. Today’s carpet flooring options are modern, stylish and versatile, coming in a variety of carpet fibres and patterns, colours and fabrics. You can do so much with carpet, reaping all the benefits of this soft flooring while also adding oodles of character to your home. Come into The Flooring Room’s Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson carpet store and you’ll see that this is not your grandmother’s carpet!

Underfoot warmth

While hard flooring is beautiful, there’s no denying that it is quite cold under your feet. Even if you love wooden floors, carpet can start sounding pretty appealing when you’re padding around the house on a frosty winter morning. Since NZ houses are often draughty, lack insulation and have single pane windows, it’s no wonder more people are looking to a warmer flooring option.

Safe and comfy

Slips and falls happen more often on hard floors, like wood, laminate or tiles. Carpeted floors are pretty hard to trip on, and if you do, they offer a soft landing. This is especially valuable if you share the space with more vulnerable family members like young children or elderly adults.

Better acoustics

For busy families or bustling workplaces, carpet flooring can go a long way towards improving the acoustics of the room. Unlike its hard flooring alternatives which carry sounds and let them bounce of the walls, the softness of carpet absorbs noise, making for a quieter space.

Affordable flooring

Each flooring option varies, but carpet is generally more affordable than its hard flooring counterpart. Unlike solid hardwood or vinyl, there’s no special preparation needed before laying carpet, making installation easier and cheaper too.

A sustainable choice

The latest flooring technology has seen carpet become an eco-friendly choice which can lower your home’s carbon footprint. Natural carpet fibres are readily available, and some carpet can even be recycled or upcycled into other products so it doesn’t end up in landfills.

Fall back in love with carpet

Pop into one of our showrooms in Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson and we’ll walk you through the carpet flooring revolution.