The Many Benefits of Laminate Flooring | The Flooring Room
Apr 26
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The Many Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Over the last decade or two in New Zealand, many homeowners have said goodbye to carpet, ripping it up in favour of wooden or laminate flooring. As this trend continues to grow, the team of flooring specialists at The Flooring Room in Tauranga and Palmerston North want to walk you through one of the industry’s newer, and increasingly popular, flooring options: laminate.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a Swedish development that started gaining traction in the 1980s. The Swede’s classic and minimal style shines through in this design, and over the last 40 years, it has continually improved in quality and style.

Laminate is composed of three or four layers bound together by resin and heat. It is essentially pressed wood sandwiched by a protective outer later and a structurally sound, watertight lower layer. There may also be a pattern layer or a clear resin layer.

Wooden Look at Affordable Prices

Wooden floors are undeniably beautiful. Classy and natural, they make for attractive floors in for both residential homes and commercial spaces. But wooden flooring can warp, stain and peel, and laying wooden floors isn’t cheap. The introduction of laminate flooring to NZ means that people can attain the look of wooden floors with the increased durability and affordability of laminate.

Durable and Fade Resistant

One major benefit of laminate flooring is that it is very hard wearing. While wood can cup and bow, wear and tear, laminate flooring is much more durable. Made of pressed wood, it is better at fighting scratches and dents and it doesn’t warp when exposed to moisture. Laminate is also among the most fade-resistant flooring options.

Healthier Homes

As opposed to carpet, laminate flooring makes for a healthy home free of dust, pollen and stains. Carpet soaks up moisture from washing, cooking and wet weather, leading to mould and mildew, whereas laminate flooring stays nice and dry. For those with sensitive skin or allergies, laminate flooring is a superior choice to carpet.

Interested in laminate flooring in your home or business? Talk to the flooring specialists at the Flooring Room in Tauranga and Palmerston North.