The Vinyl Flooring Revolution | The Flooring Room
Sep 23

The Vinyl Flooring Revolution

If the word vinyl still brings about memories of your Nana’s retro kitchen floor, you should know that vinyl flooring has come a long way! The team at The Flooring Room loves installing vinyl planks, tiles and sheets in homes across Tauranga and Palmerston North – it’s an attractive, quality floor with endless benefits. Here’s a look into the vinyl floor’s humble beginning and how far it has come.

Vinyl of the 20th Century

Vinyl was first used as flooring in the 1930s, but it was over the next two decades that its popularity really took off. In this post-war era, vinyl’s affordability, durability and ease of installation were all very attractive flooring traits and many homes in New Zealand jumped on the vinyl flooring bandwagon. Vinyl has remained a popular flooring trend over the years, but it’s the retro look of the 1950s that really stuck in people’s minds.

Today’s Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyl flooring boasts the benefits that always made vinyl a popular choice without the dated colours and old-fashioned prints. Today, vinyl floors are incredibly versatile and beautiful. Laid as vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tiles, they can look indistinguishable from hardwood floors, but they can also stand out in their own right.

Vinyl planks and tiles come in unique patterns and designs – from pebbles to florals, colourful stripes to black and white zig zags – letting you decide whether to turn your floor into a bold feature-piece or keep it simple and timeless. It’s this versatility that is turning vinyl into one of the most popular flooring options for homes and businesses across Tauranga and Palmerston North.

Benefits of Vinyl

Originally favoured because it was durable and affordable, today’s vinyl flooring has many additional benefits.

• Vinyl is easy to clean
• There are less seams in vinyl planks and tiles than in timber floors
• It’s a quiet underfoot flooring
• There are non-slip options great for commercial spaces or rest homes
• There’s little waste with luxury vinyl tiles, making it an eco-friendly flooring option

Full Circle – Retro Vinyl Today

While you can replicate the look of tile or wood floors with vinyl, The Flooring Room team is also seeing a new trend – many customers in Tauranga and Palmerston North are starting to go full circle, installing modern versions of vinyl’s retro look in their homes.

The modern retro-chic look is definitely in vogue today, and vinyl flooring is one of the best ways to bring this magazine-worthy look to life. With the right wall colours, furniture and curtains, retro-inspired vinyl planks or vinyl tiles really complete this style by lending the rooms a healthy dose of vintage patterns, geometric shapes and nostalgic charm.

Whether you want to revive the 1950s or install classic modern floors, talk to the team at The Flooring Room in Tauranga and Palmerston North about our vinyl flooring options.