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Nov 10

This Carpet is Different…

One big challenge you may face when searching for carpet options online is you can’t feel it. Sure, it may look great and be the exact colour you’re after, but physical touch goes a long way.

Excelsior from Studio Collections is our latest style of carpet and the words on this page can’t do it justice. This luxuriously soft carpet gets a delighted reaction from customers every time and it’s entertaining to watch. First, it’s the light up of the eyes. Second, it’s the wiggle of the toes. And finally, it’s the bend down to feel it with their hands. Some might say ‘seeing is believing’ but we know that it is touch that leads to real trust in a product.

As well as feeling like you’ve just stepped out onto a marshmallow cloud, this carpet has so many other benefits to offer. The 60oz luxury weight, 100% soft touch nylon is also highly durable with stain resistant and colour guarding foundations which have been tested by the NZWTA in New Zealand conditions.

Now that you know all about this heavenly carpet, we invite you to come and try it for yourself!

Visit our showroom and treat your feet to some serious pampering today.

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