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Apr 11
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Understanding the Popularity of Garage Carpet

Flooring in your garage has a different set of rules to the rest of the house – after all, where else will you be driving a car over the floors? Gone are the days of cold, ugly concrete – today it seems almost everyone is opting for carpet. If you haven’t jumped on the carpeting garage bandwagon yet, this will explain why it’s so popular.

What you need in garage flooring

• Floors that are hardy and durable, able to withstand the tyres of your car as well as any other uses in your garage – be it laundry, DIY projects or storage.
• Something easy to clean and maintain.
• Waterproof flooring.

A lot of flooring options, from traditional old concrete to luxury vinyl, cover these bases.

What you want out of your garage

We’ve covered the essentials, but what about what you want?

• You want the room to look modern, tidy and visually appealing.
• A room that stops the cold draft from entering the house.
• You might even want the garage to double as another room – a rumpus room for the kids, perhaps.

This is where garage carpet really starts to shine. It doesn’t only tick all the necessary boxes, but it also looks great, offers thermal insulation, and is comfortable to sit and play on.

Doesn’t carpet get wet or dirty?

This isn’t the same as the carpeted flooring in your bedrooms or lounge; garage carpet is made from needle punch fibres designed not to absorb moisture. It’s waterproof, so it won’t rot or smell, even on damp days.

Garage carpet also collects dirt and debris, which stops dust from getting into the air or being traipsed through the house and vacuuming it up is a breeze.

Transforming your garage with carpeted flooring

Sure, concrete or painted epoxy floors will do the trick, if all you want out of your garage is a place to keep your car. But if you want to really make the most of this room, carpeting will turn it into a multi-purpose room, an extension of your living space, especially convenient on rainy days.

You’ll be able to use it as a gym, a hobby workshop, a playroom or an art studio. You can do laundry there comfortably or even set up a small home office.

Additional benefits

And if you’re still on the fence, there’s a few benefits left. Carpet garage flooring is:

• Cost-effective,
• Easy to install,
• Minimises slips on wet days,
• And adds value to your home.

Keen to cover your garage floor in carpet? Talk to The Flooring Room or pop into one of showrooms in Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson today.