The Ultimate Laminate Flooring Maintenance Guide
Jun 25
laminate flooring maintenance

Your Laminate Flooring Maintenance Guide

Welcome to The Flooring Room, your go-to destination for top-quality laminate flooring in Tauranga, Palmerston North, and Nelson. We proudly stock Quick-Step and Godfrey Hirst laminate flooring products, perfect for both home and commercial use. While laminate flooring is known for its low maintenance, following these guidelines will ensure your floors stay beautiful for years to come.


To maintain the pristine condition of your laminate flooring, avoid the following:

Abrasive Cleaners: Never use abrasive cleaners, nylon scouring pads, steel wool, or scouring powder, as they can damage the surface.

Steam Cleaners: Do not use steam cleaners on laminate floors; they are not suitable.

Excessive Water: Never flood the floor with water. Even though some laminates have waterproof surfaces, excessive water can cause damage. Always soak up spills promptly.

Waxing or Polishing: Do not wax, polish, sand, or lacquer your laminate floor.

Which Cleaner Should You Use?

For regular cleaning, use a non-abrasive, soap-free cleaner suitable for laminate floors. Avoid soap-based detergents, which can leave a dull finish. Ready-to-use cleaning cloths or wet wipes are also effective. At The Flooring Room, we offer cleaning kits specifically designed for laminate floors, ensuring a thorough clean without leaving residual layers of cleaning products.

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning is straightforward and involves the following steps:

Sweeping or Vacuuming: Regularly sweep or vacuum with a dust filter and suction nozzle for hard surfaces to remove loose dirt or grit.
Dust Mopping: Use a dust mop to maintain the floor’s cleanliness.
Damp Mopping: Wipe down the floor with a well-rung damp mop or cloth, avoiding excessive water. Wipe parallel to the boards to remove footprints and dirt.

Treatment Methods for Spills/Marks

Use a non-abrasive cleaner or warm water and a soap-free household cleaner to remove these spills.

Crayon/Asphalt/Nail Polish/Paint
Use denatured alcohol or nail polish remover followed by warm water and a soap-free household cleaner.

Gum/Candle Wax
Allow the substance to harden, then gently scrape it free with a plastic scraper.

Tips and Tricks

Place mats at all exterior doorways to trap dirt, sand, grit, moisture, and other substances from shoes. Ensure mats are cleaned regularly.

Felt Protectors
Use wide bearing, clear, hard plastic, or non-staining felt protectors under heavy furniture. For office chairs and mobile containers, use soft treads or castors. Desk chairs with castors should have chair pads underneath.

Heavy Objects
Avoid placing heavy objects and furniture, like large bookcases or full-sized billiard tables, on any floating laminate installation. This can prevent the floor from contracting and expanding properly, leading to squeaking, gapping, or failure.

Shifting Furniture
Never slide or roll furniture or appliances across your floor. If using a trolley to move heavy objects, protect the floor’s surface.

Avoid wearing spiked heels or shoes in need of repair on your laminate flooring. In high-traffic areas, use runners or area rugs, and clean these rugs regularly.

Weather Considerations

Protect your floor from direct heat and sunlight with window tinting, curtains, blinds, or awnings. Maintain a stable indoor environment with controlled temperature and humidity to prevent damage due to extreme weather conditions.

By following these maintenance tips, your laminate flooring will remain in excellent condition, providing the look and feel of genuine timber with the added benefits of durability and ease of care. For more information or to purchase laminate flooring and cleaning kits, visit The Flooring Room in Tauranga, Palmerston North, or Nelson.