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Acoustic Solutions

When designing interior spaces take time to consider the acoustic properties of the space. The acoustics of a room (be it work or home) is important for an enjoyable and productive environment, and to support personal well-being. As part of the building industry, we can positively impact the people in spaces they come together to work, learn, and live in.

Noise can have a significantly negative impact on occupants, such as increased anxiety and stress, cognitive fatigue, low productivity, and, of course, it causes distractions and interruptions.

At The Flooring Room, we can support great acoustic design through use of Autex Acoustic solutions. We have installed acoustic panels in schools, work places, and public spaces. Consider the benefits of Composition Wall Coverings and Acoustic Panels:

Ambient Noises

The ambient noise level (background noise caused by environmental sounds and noises from building services) also contributes to acoustic comfort. Ambient noise is caused by things we can’t control, such as the buildings’ location or plumbing and mechanical systems. But we also have features within our control to limit the ambient noise, including space zoning, internal finishes, and controlling reverberation with acoustic materials.

Speech Privacy

Sound needs to be blocked from travelling between adjacent spaces to create speech privacy, meaning speech isn’t carried from one space into another. This might be from one office to another or from meeting room to meeting room. You must address the entire wall system to reduce sound transmission between spaces. This starts by looking at mass, isolation, insulation, and reverberation.


Controlling noise created by sound reverberation is important in every space, especially in areas for concentration and focus, particularly where it is important to precisely convey information. However, it is also vital to areas used for conferencing and collaboration, for general and focused learning, for formal meetings, and in spaces for social engagement. This can be achieved with acoustic materials that absorb reflected sound waves. These can be used on the walls, on the ceiling, or even on desk groups.
The higher a material’s NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and the greater the surface area of these noise-reducing surfaces, the shorter the reverberation time will be.

Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic comfort is achieved when the environment controls noise that negatively impacts people within the space and facilitates effective communication and speech privacy.

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