Our Lifetime Carpet and Flooring Installation Warranty

Your new residential flooring comes with a Lifetime Installation Warranty. This means if something is wrong with the installation for the life of your product, we’ll fix it. Simple as that.  

The selection of your installation team is critically important in a flooring decision. The quality (both look and performance) of your finished floor depends on the quality of your installation team. 

At The Flooring Room we work closely with our installers to ensure they do the best job possible. We have so much confidence in our teams that we offer this Lifetime Installation Warranty.  As with any warranty, there are a number of things which are outside of our control, and therefore cannot be covered by the Installation Warranty.  These exclusions:

  • General wear and tear, abuse or misuse, or fault which is not as a direct result of the installation
  • Any installation or floor prep which was not completed by our installation team
  • External influences (eg floods, humidity, spills, and damage caused by underfloor moisture or sunlight)
  • A change in the subfloor which has impacted the finished floor

For the purposes of this Installation Warranty, the lifetime of your product is defined by the manufacturers wear warranty (just ask us about your product if unsure). If for any reason “Lifetime” is unclear, we still offer the Installation Warranty for the reasonable expected life of your chosen product. It’s worth noting that not all product Warranties are created equal (just ask your flooring consultant about your product) and as with any warranty you must follow manufacture care and maintenance guides.