Cavalier Bremworth: Producing Luxury Wool Carpet for 60 Years
Jan 16
cavalier bremworth wool carpet

Cavalier Bremworth: Crafting Luxury Wool Carpet for 60 Years

For six decades, Cavalier Bremworth has been synonymous with luxurious, resilient wool carpets, earning a reputation for excellence that spans the globe. As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, it’s time to explore the rich heritage, innovative spirit, and enduring appeal of Cavalier Bremworth’s wool carpets, a staple in discerning homes worldwide.

The Enduring Appeal of Wool Carpet

At the heart of Cavalier Bremworth’s success is its unwavering belief in wool as nature’s miracle fibre. Wool carpets are not just luxurious; they embody resilience, softness, and superior performance. This natural material offers numerous benefits that enhance any home, making it a preferred choice for flooring.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Cavalier Bremworth’s journey began 60 years ago, focusing on crafting carpets from 100% pure New Zealand wool. This dedication to quality, coupled with a commitment to innovation, has cemented the company’s position as a leader in the carpet industry. Cavalier Bremworth wool carpets are renowned for their unique designs and high quality, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Why Choose Wool Carpet for Your Home?

Wool carpets stand out for their natural, sustainable, and renewable qualities. Sheep regrow their fleece annually, making wool an eco-friendly choice. These carpets are thermally smart, maintaining warmth in cold temperatures and coolness in heat. Additionally, wool acts as a natural dehumidifier, contributing to a comfortable indoor environment.

For allergy sufferers, wool carpets are a blessing. They are hypo-allergenic, absorbing and filtering toxins and odours that can cause irritation. The comfort factor is unmatched, with wool’s softness and resilience ensuring long-lasting luxury underfoot.

Cleaning and maintenance are simplified thanks to wool’s protective membrane, offering natural stain resistance. Moreover, wool’s slow-burning and fire-resistant properties make it a safe flooring choice.

Choosing the Right Wool Carpet

Selecting the perfect wool carpet involves several considerations:

Colour: Test your chosen sample in different lighting conditions. Remember, dark colours can make spaces feel smaller, while light colours create an illusion of space.

Price and Quality: Carpet affordability is key. Look for the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme label for quality assurance.

Durability and Gradings: Seek independent gradings like the ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty Plus Stairs Six Star Grade for durability assurance.

Style: Choose from luxurious cut pile or stylish loop pile carpets, or a combination of both.

Lifestyle Needs: Cavalier Bremworth’s Carpet Selector Tool on their website can guide you to the best option for your home, considering factors like children, pets, and sunlight exposure.

The Bremworth Collection

The pinnacle of Cavalier Bremworth’s offerings is the Bremworth Collection. This exclusive range, featuring carpets like Aroha, Untouched, and Transpire, showcases felted wool yarns made from 100% pure New Zealand wool. This collection represents the ultimate in luxury, with styles to suit any home or lifestyle.

The Flooring Room: Your Destination for Cavalier Bremworth Carpets

At The Flooring Room, with stores in Tauranga, Palmerston North, and Nelson, we take pride in offering Cavalier Bremworth’s exquisite wool carpets. Our expertise and wide selection ensure that you find the perfect carpet to enrich your living space. Celebrate 60 years of luxury and resilience with us and discover why Cavalier Bremworth remains a leader in wool carpets.