Garage Carpet is a Game Changer for Homeowners
Jan 26
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Garage Carpet – The Game Changer for Homeowners

We’re moving past concrete and epoxy – today there’s nothing better for your garage than carpet. By carpeting your garage floor, you’ll end up with an attractive, multi-purpose room that can stand up to whatever vehicle you throw at it.

If you’re keen on laying garage carpet at your Tauranga, Palmerston North, or Nelson home, head into your local The Flooring Room shop today. If you’re not yet convinced, read on and learn why garage carpet is a true game changer for homeowners.

Why carpet is a must for NZ garages

The benefits of having carpet in your garage are many. From making the room safer to keeping your home warmer, garage carpet truly makes the most of this all-important room.

• It’s durable – the carpet used in garages is different to what you’d find in the lounge or bedrooms. This is durable flooring that can withstand the regular wear of vehicle tyres.

• Multi-purpose rooms – with garage carpet, you can use the garage for so much more than just a site to store your car. Turn it into a workshop, a hobby room, a man cave, or a rumpus room.

• It’s safe – unlike the flooring options used in the past, garage carpet is far safer underfoot, which is crucial in a room that can otherwise turns wet and slippery in the rain. With garage carpet, you minimise the chance of falls and slips as people get in and out of the car.

• It adds insulation – carpeting your garage adds another layer of protection from the cold in winter. Most garages are uninsulated, but by adding carpet you can help reduce the amount of warm air escaping.

• Easy to clean – bathrooms, kitchens, and garages; they’re all rooms where a mess seems to form as quickly as it is cleaned up. Thankfully, garage carpet is easy to clean, just run the vacuum over it and the room will be tidy before you know it.

The garage carpet recommended by our flooring specialists

The garage isn’t like the rest of the house – it gets far more sunlight, rain, wind, grease, and exhaust than any other room. It is trampled on by car, bike, motorbike and trailer wheels, not to mention an endless stream of shoes, jandals and work boots. It needs to be strong, durable, waterproof and UV resistant.

At The Flooring Room, we’ve seen a lot of garage floors and we know that our needle-punch carpets are up to the job.

For garage carpeting in Tauranga, Palmerston North, or Nelson, get in touch with The Flooring Room today.