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Jan 20
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Great Tips for Selecting Flooring for Your Bach

If you are one of the lucky Kiwi families that have held onto their bach it is probably in dire need of a flooring update. If it’s a classic 1970’s bach right near the beach, then it’s definitely overdue – that’s where The Flooring Room comes in. Did you know that taking care of your finished flooring can translate to a longer life to what lies beneath? The subfloor on your bach has likely been subject to all kinds of wear and tear over the years, and while ripping up the old carpet or vinyl flooring is not a substitute for repairs, it may delay the inevitable expensive overhaul.

Weather Focused Flooring

At The Flooring Room our staff are trained to help you identify which flooring or carpet are your best choice. The team at our flooring stores in Tauranga, Nelson and Palmerston North have lots of knowledge about the smartest way to deal with replacing the flooring in your bach or seafront holiday home, taking into account the very specific conditions in your area. We deal with a beautiful environment here that can also throw up some fairly extreme weather – the summer heat is definitely something to take into account when you are choosing replacement carpet or alternative flooring.

Time To Chill

If you want to relax when you head to the bach you are probably best to steer clear of carpet when you are replacing your old floor finishings. Long summer days mean lots of back and forth from the beach, wet towels, wet kids, wet dogs, and often more sand on the floor than appeared to be on the beach that day! You don’t want to spend your holiday supervising people and pets coming in and out to make sure they are clean and dry, so you need to choose a flooring solution that helps every one achieve maximum relaxation.

Vinyl Flooring

Alot of bach owners are opting for Vinyl flooring as a replacement for the old linoleum at the bach. Vinyl flooring has come a long way since it first became popular as a flooring option in New Zealand homes, however, it is still a great long-wearing and durable option – especially for homes that are dealing with alot of moisture and sand coming through the front door!

Laminate That Looks Like Wood

Laminate flooring is another great option The Flooring Room can supply for your bach or holiday home, this can look great, comes in lots of timber shades, and masquarades pretty successfully as hardwood without the high care required. If you are after scratch resistant, hard wearing flooring options that repel water and won’t fade in the hot sun Laminate flooring is a great budget friendly option for your bach.

Pop into the Flooring Room Nelson, Tauranga or Palmerston North today to discuss the best way forward for refreshing that treasured Kiwi icon, the family bach.