The Changes in Technology in Laminate Flooring
Jun 19
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The Evolution of Laminate Flooring

A decade ago, laminate flooring was celebrated for its affordability and practicality, making it a low-cost, low-maintenance substitute for natural hardwood. However, early versions fell short on durability, aesthetics, and the feel underfoot. Today, advanced technology has not only resolved these issues but has also expanded the possibilities for laminate flooring, making it an attractive option for both residential and commercial use.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Modern laminate flooring captures the innate beauty of hardwood with the help of cutting-edge imaging technology. This tech delivers realistic texture, grain, and colour variations to the laminate’s surface.

Laminate boards are available in three varieties:
– A square edge board creating a smooth seamless floor.
– A painted bevel edge board. The edge of the board is painted to match the colour of the laminate.
– A pressed bevel edge board. Joins that have the same colour/texture as the surface have what is called a pressed bevel. This is where the face surface product is applied and pressed onto the bevel. This gives the bevel the most protection and is widely recognized as the most water-resistant on the market.

Increased Durability

With improved production techniques, contemporary laminate flooring is highly durable. The advent of high-pressure laminate (HPL) technology has led to a more robust, scratch-resistant product.
The incorporation of embossed-in-register (EIR) technology offers a textured feel that aligns with the visual grain, creating a genuine wood-like experience.

Water Resistance – A Game Changer

A decade back, laminate flooring’s main weakness was its vulnerability to water damage. Today, with the advent of tight-locking systems and hydrophobic treatments, laminate flooring has superior water-resistance, allowing its use in traditionally moisture-prone areas.


The environmental impact of flooring is a significant concern for today’s consumers. Contemporary laminate flooring responds to this demand by using sustainable manufacturing processes and materials, leading to a more eco-friendly product.

The Flooring Room – Your Laminate Flooring Solution

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The journey of laminate flooring over the past decade demonstrates the transformative power of technology. Laminate flooring has evolved from being a cheap, synthetic alternative to hardwood to a viable, aesthetically pleasing, and resilient flooring option. This advancement in laminate flooring technology has enriched our offering, enabling us to deliver affordable, durable, and beautiful products in line with the latest design trends.