Choosing the Best Flooring for Every Room in the Home
Aug 06
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Choosing the Best Flooring for Every Room in the Home

Flooring that suits you best depends on your lifestyle, and a busy family has a very particular set of needs. While you likely want an attractive house, it’s certainly not a show home – durability, ease of maintenance and comfort rank high on your list of priorities. Here, our flooring specialists at The Flooring Room go room by room, walking you through the best flooring options for your family home.

Living spaces

Hardwood flooring, or modern alternatives that offer a near-identical look such as engineered timber flooring, are an excellent option for living spaces in a modern family home. They’re attractive and add character, they’re easier to clean than carpet and are warmer than concrete or tile. You can create a beautiful and cosy look in your lounge by pairing wooden floors with a lovely, large rug.

However, we’d be amiss if we didn’t also suggest laminate flooring, a natural choice for families with young children. Laminate offers the natural timber look without the cost. Durable and easy to install, effortless to clean and water-resistant, it’s ideal flooring for busy families.


While we’d never steer you away from beautiful wooden floors, a chaotic family with lots of little feet might benefit from engineered timber flooring instead. It’s strong, durable and attractive, yet less expensive than real timber, so any scratches that growing children or scuffling pets make won’t be as frustrating.


When you have a busy household filled with both adults and children, carpets are the clear and obvious winner for bedroom flooring. Carpeting the bedrooms offers a cosy look and feel, and it improves the warmth of the room in wintertime. Carpet means young children can easily sit on the floor and play, and it won’t be too uncomfortable if they demand your presence too.

Today, there are so many different types, styles and colours of carpet to choose from. We can cater to any stylistic desire, can offer stain and fade-resistant fibres, and can suggest which carpet is best suited for children or family members with allergies.

Laundry rooms and bathrooms

You need these rooms to be hardy, with flooring that can withstand plenty of moisture and the occasional pair of muddy boots. At The Flooring Room, we’ve noticed that young families often see the laundry and bathrooms as a utilitarian space, but this doesn’t mean these rooms can’t also look great.

Our suggestion for families is to lay luxury vinyl tiles or hybrid planks. They aren’t as hard and unforgiving tiles yet are still water-resistant and will give you an attractive floor that can work as a starting point once the children are older and you’re ready for a more stylish space.


Garage carpet is a revelation for families, letting the room double as a playroom for the children, a workshop for parents or an indoor exercise space for all. Garage carpet is different to what you would lay inside the house, it’s durable under the heavy weight of your car, easy to clean and waterproof. While it won’t be as cosy as bedroom carpet, it offers a modern look, keeps the cold outside, and turns the garage into a versatile and comfortable space.

If you’re looking for fantastic flooring for your family home in Tauranga, Palmerston North or Nelson, speak to The Flooring Room today.