Quick-Step is Redefining Laminate Flooring in New Zealand
Aug 17
Quick-Step laminate flooring

The Quick-Step Revolution – Redefining Flooring in New Zealand

With the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, homeowners in New Zealand are constantly on the lookout for high-quality, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing flooring options. And among the front runners in this pursuit, Quick-Step Laminate Flooring is making notable waves, especially in homes served by the esteemed business, The Flooring Room. With stores in Tauranga, Nelson, and Palmerston North, The Flooring Room is leading the charge in showcasing the brilliance of Quick-Step flooring.

Natural Look and Feel

For most homeowners, achieving a natural and authentic ambiance in their living spaces is a top priority. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring not only meets this desire but exceeds expectations. With an extensive selection of colours, textures, and designs, homeowners can seamlessly find the flooring that mirrors their style and resonates with their life. The richness of natural wood in these laminates makes every home distinct and imbued with a warm, welcoming character.

Scratch and Stain Resistant

Durable flooring is no longer just a wish—it’s a reality with Quick-Step. Thanks to its innovative design, which features advanced scratch and stain guard technology, homeowners can enjoy the luxurious appeal of their floors without the constant worry of damage. Whether it’s the footsteps of a toddler, the antics of a pet, or an accidental spill, Quick-Step laminate floors remain unyielding in their resistance, ensuring longevity and sustained beauty.

100% Watertight

A common concern with many flooring options is their vulnerability to water damage. However, Quick-Step Laminate Flooring turns the tables with its remarkable HydroSeal-coating. This ensures that the floors are not just resistant but have a completely waterproof surface. Be it a bathroom susceptible to splashes or a kitchen prone to spills, Quick-Step ensures a carefree living experience without the usual flooring concerns.

What further solidifies Quick-Step’s credibility in the flooring industry is the testament of those who know flooring best. While it’s common for sales staff at flooring stores like The Flooring Room to advocate for a specific brand or type, the true endorsement comes from flooring installers. Many of these experts, acquainted with numerous flooring options, are selecting Quick-Step laminate flooring for their personal homes.

In the quest to find the perfect floor, the journey begins with understanding the essence of the home and the lifestyle it houses. Quick-Step, with its foundational ethos dating back to 1990, upholds this understanding. It offers beautiful designs coupled with waterproof features and ease of installation, owing to its ground-breaking innovations.

In essence, the goal is simple yet profound: carefree living in a home accentuated by high-performance floors. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, available at The Flooring Room, embodies this vision, inviting homeowners to not just choose a floor, but to find the “floor of their life”. Whether aiming for a vibrant living room, a water-resistant bathroom floor, or a resilient kitchen space, Quick-Step promises a solution that’s just right. If you’re embarking on a journey to redefine your home spaces, The Flooring Room awaits, ready to assist in selecting a floor that truly mirrors you.