Massive Flooring Project Completed for Whakatane Civic Centre
Sep 17
whakatane civic centre commercial flooring project

Whakatāne Civic Centre Redevelopment: A Flooring Masterpiece

When it comes to grand projects that define the essence of design, scope, and scale, the recent commercial flooring project that The Flooring Room undertook at the Whakatāne District Council’s civic centre stands out. The massive redevelopment venture, helmed by Chow Hill Architects, posed its set of unique challenges and moments of ingenuity.

The Architect’s Choice: Quality and Elegance

Specified by Chow Hill Architects, the project made use of Inzide Commercial Carpet Tiles, Inzide Vinyl flooring, and Jacobsen Carpet Tiles. These products, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, ensured that the civic centre was not just functional but visually captivating.

Challenges: The Age and Scope of the Project

Refurbishing an old building of this magnitude was never going to be a walk in the park. With approximately 3,000m2 of carpet tiles and 450m2 of vinyl flooring to be installed, extensive floor preparation was inevitable. The age of the structure meant unforeseen issues could arise, demanding flexibility and problem-solving on the fly.

Team Power: Ensuring Efficiency and Timeliness

Understanding the sheer scale of the project, The Flooring Room ensured that a large team of installers was in place. With 6 installers committed over a 3-month period, it allowed for optimal use of the construction slots available. Working amongst various other subtrades within tight timeframes showcased not just the efficiency of The Flooring Room’s team but also their commitment to collaboration and excellence.

A Passionate Endeavour: The Flooring Room’s Perspective

The Flooring Room’s Commercial Manager exuberantly stated, “This central structure in the Whakatāne community was a vibrant and forward-thinking project. With 11 different carpet tiles and three vinyl patterns, it was a delightful challenge. Collaborating with such a stellar construction team, we’re immensely proud of the final result. This venture is a testament to our love for colour, design, and our prowess in managing large projects.”

Decades of Excellence: The Flooring Room Legacy

Having worked on some of New Zealand’s most prestigious and demanding commercial flooring projects, The Flooring Room has carved a niche for itself. With deep-rooted supplier relationships built over decades in the flooring industry, it guarantees unparalleled service quality.

Safety First, Always

Prioritizing the safety of both their team and clients, The Flooring Room stands tall when it comes to health and safety standards. The emphasis on creating a risk-free environment is pivotal to their operations.

Commercial Flooring Specialists: The Best in Business

The Flooring Room’s commercial flooring specialists stationed across Tauranga, Palmerston North, and Nelson bring decades of expertise. This unparalleled experience ensures understanding and catering to the unique requirements of a commercial job, setting them a cut above the rest.

The redevelopment of the Whakatāne District Council’s civic centre was more than just a project; it was a testament to design, efficiency, and commitment – all hallmarks of The Flooring Room’s ethos.